Color is all around this summer and it's most beautiful on your nails. Here are the top 5 nail trends to explore:

5. Nails that last
    If you haven't tried it yet, you'll want to - especially for your holidays. Gelish Soak-off gel polish or OPI Axxium             Soak-off gel lacquer makes your nails beautiful and tough. So wash those dishes, play at the beach and your nails         will still look gorgeous for your fabulous dinner out.

4. Short nails, bright colors
    Vibrant colors on short nails give you this summer's look - it's good for playing beach volleyball too!

3. Nail appliqués
    How fun! Nail appliqués give your nails attitude and their own wardrobe!

2. Crackle glaze
    Go shabby chic with cracked color on your nails for a fun summer look. Châtelaine has OPI Shatter and China Glaze     with lots of great colors to choose from.

1. Fabric   
    Anything is possible when you dress your nails with fabric.