Spring is in the air and it's time to make a summer beauty plan. Here are just a few ways to get started.
  • Ready for a new hairstyle? Our hair stylists will help you choose a flattering style that is easy to manage in summer's heat and humidity.
  • Your face is always exposed to the elements and could use a lift after winter. Consider a facial or ask our estheticians about our skin repair products.
  • Turn winter feet into summer feet by scheduling a couple of pre-summer pedicures starting now. Don't forget your hands - they deserve some pampering too.
  • Have you started waxing? If you're curious, come in and talk to us about what is involved. If you wax, schedule your appointments ahead of time for a hassle-free summer.

And stay tuned. Each week we'll be introducing you to a new hair or body care product. You don't have to suffer with dry skin or frizzy hair -- and Châtelaine has the answer.!