If you've had your nails done at Châtelaine, you'll know they love OPI nail polish. It's beautiful, rich and durable, and there are so many colors to choose from. And that's the problem... how to choose from all those gorgeous colors? Well Châtelaine has just the trick for you. OPI.com has an online nail salon where you can see how the different colors would look on a hand. One click and you can go from pink to red to blue and more. You can even adjust the skin tone of the hand to match yours and shorten or lengthen the nails.

Just go to OPI.com, choose Try on this color from the menu (be patient, it takes a minute to load) and click away. You'll love the colors so much you'll be begging Châtelaine for more appointments (okay, that's wishful thinking on our part - but it's fun!). Please note that we may not have all the colors that are on the OPI website so you might want to call first to check if we have it. Enjoy and see you soon!

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