Démaquillant Essentiel & Lotion Essentielle de Payot

This Spring Cleansing package is a great buy. Inside you'll find Payot's Démaquillant Essentiel, a moisturizing, softening and hydrating milk that removes make-up instantly, in 2 sizes: 400ml for home use and a 75ml travel size. Also included is Lotion Essentielle, Payot's alcohol-free revitalizing toner, a gentle way to finish cleansing delicate facial skin. It also comes in the larger 400ml and travel 75ml sizes. Your Spring Cleansing package includes a bonus 30ml Eye and Lip Cleanser, Payot's Démaquillant Sensation.

Our Payot special is available for 2 skin types: normal and oily/mixed skin. Give yourself a treat... at Châtelaine!

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