In our personal finances, we're always told to pay ourselves first - put money aside off the top for savings and investing to build a nest egg and have our money grow. In our personal lives, we usually pay ourselves last - giving our all to children, work, family and friends, then finding there is nothing left over. It can leave you feeling burnt out, dumpy and a little depressed.

It's a new year and time for a new plan. How can you feel energetic, confident and adventurous when you don't invest in you. You need to invest to grow and looking your best is the place to start - it gives you the quickest return. Getting your nails done is an immediate pick-me-up and don't forget your toes. You'll love those painted toes in the middle of winter! You can experiment with hair styles and highlights (for your adventurous side) or work out stress with a great massage. Or try it all and see what works for you. So come to Châtelaine to start your 2012 self-care plan... you'll love what it can do for you!

Salon Châtelaine, 451 Main Road, Hudson, QC, 450-458-5403