Discover Payot's Parfaite Expérience, an in-salon facial treatment like no other. Experience instant smoothing, restored firmness and intense radiance from this anti-aging treatment as it treats wrinkles, skin slackening and loss of radiance. Rice powder, essential oils, pine extracts, hibiscus petals and golden mica are just some of the 100% natural ingredients recognized for their cosmetic properties.

It's called Parfaite Expérience because of the 4-step process:
1. Deep cleansing - an innovative exfoliation of the face, décolleté and hands.
2. Modelling massage with 42 movements to stimulate the skin's vital functions and redefine the facial contour.
3. Intensive treatment mask to treat the wrinkles and fine lines.
4. Accupressure to restore your energy balance and relax the body-mind.

Parfaite Expérience delivers what it claims - a more relaxed, radiant you! Call Châtelaine to ask about your Parfaite Expérience.

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