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New email address

Posted by Arlene Griffin on Friday, January 8, 2016, In : Announcement 

Our computer crashed over the holidays and we lost access to our email so we created a new email address. Our apologies if you sent us a message and we didn't respond... it wasn't because we don't love you anymore:)

Here's the new email:

Salon Châtelaine, Place Cameron, 451 Main Road, Hudson, QC, J0P 1H0, 450-458-5403

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Wave to us in the parade

Posted by Arlene Griffin on Friday, March 14, 2014, In : Announcement 
Everyone's Irish on St. Patrick's Day and everyone loves a parade... combine those 2 things and you have Hudson's 5th Annual St. Patrick Day's Parade tomorrow and we're in it!

Salon Châtelaine has a float in this year's parade and we want you to be a part of the experience. So come watch the parade - and when you see us, make some noise! We'd love to see our customers' smiling faces out in the crowd, supporting us and having a great time. Don't forget to wear green!

Hudson's St. Patrick's Day ...
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The Royals are coming!

Posted by Arlene Griffin on Friday, March 14, 2014, In : Announcement 
Salon Châtelaine newest customers are wearing crowns these days! We're pleased to be the salon of choice for the Queen, Stephanie Kennedy, and her court, Toni Nesbitt, Shannon Marchand, Alannagh Maciw and Tiffany Blouin.

Photo from Your Local Journal Facebook page
Châtelaine will be making them more beautiful than they already are au naturel (if that's even possible) for their royal duties. We're thrilled to be a part of Hudson's St. Patrick Day festivities. Watch for the Queen and her Court...
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Where has the time gone?

Posted by Arlene Griffin on Thursday, February 13, 2014, In : Customer thanks 

2013 flew by and we're already a month and a half into 2014.

We had a very exciting 2013:
  • We were on the Bachelor Canada (doing hair and nails of course!);
  • We expanded - into a space upstairs that offered more privacy for our esthetic customers than the one we had before; and
  • We welcomed new hairdressers: Katie van Kessel and Sylvie Lauzon.

We can't wait to see what 2014 will bring... but we certainly look forward to it bringing you. We love our customers and appreciate your loyal...

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Our 4th Anniversary

Posted by Arlene Griffin on Wednesday, May 1, 2013, In : Anniversary 

4 years ago we opened our doors as the new owners of Salon Châtelaine (you can read our story in the About Us on the main blog page). We were excited, scared and hopeful that our customers loved us enough to follow us to our new venture. You did, in great numbers, and we love you for it.

It's been a great 4 years of learning and experiencing all that owning your own business brings but the one thing we are still passionate about it serving you... watching you walk in our door with a smile on...
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You need holiday nails

Posted by Arlene Griffin on Friday, November 18, 2011, In : Nails 

Holiday nails are nails that last. Through work and parties, stuffing turkeys and washing dishes, you need your nails to look great without any care whatsoever because you just don't have time! So come to Châtelaine and get a Gelish Manicure. Gelish is a fixed nail polish that goes on smooth (great for ridged nails) and lasts up to 4 weeks, depending on how fast your nails grow. It doesn't chip or crack so your nails look like they have just been done all the time! When your nails start to g...
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Make your holiday appointments now

Posted by Arlene Griffin on Friday, November 26, 2010, In : Holiday 
It's almost December 1st and you know how busy December gets! Book your hair and esthetics appointments now for all your holiday events. Call us at 450-458-5403 or stop by 451 Main Road in Place Cameron to check our available dates. We're looking forward to seeing you!

Salon Chatelaine, 451 Main Road, Hudson, Quebec, J0P 1H0, 450-458-5403

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We've expanded!

Posted by Arlene Griffin on Tuesday, July 20, 2010, In : Announcement 
Salon Chatelaine has grown again, expanding into the space next door, formerly occupied by the ice cream parlor. The space provides more hairdressing stations and a larger reception area, giving everyone a little more breathing room on busy days. A new esthetics room at the back of the expansion provides a private space for facials, pedicures and other pampering in addition to the existing room upstairs. We love our new space and we hope you will too. We're looking forward to seeing you soon!...
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Salon Châtelaine Once upon a time there was a fair lady named Andrée who dreamed of creating her own hairdressing studio. She was brave and wise and worked so hard that one day her dream came true. She was so happy that she called her business Salon Châtelaine because she truly felt like the mistress of her own castle. She worked in bliss for many years, giving many young hairdressers their start and the benefit of her experience. Meanwhile, in another salon, a talented hairdresser named Rea-Ann and her equally talented sister, Carly the esthetician, had their own dream. They worked long and hard, excelling at their craft and turning out one satisfied and beautiful customer after another. Although they were at the top of their game with Rea-Ann a colour expert and Carly teaching esthestics, they were a little sad and not quite sure why. One day, Andrée approached the sisters with a tremendous proposal: the sisters could buy her hairdressing château, as although the châtelaine still loved her job, she was weary of the responsibility of owning her own business. You see, Rea-Ann had been one of those young and eager-to-learn hairdressers that Andrée had mentored. Rea-Ann and Carly could hardly believe their luck. They jumped at the opportunity and embarked on a grand new adventure. In a whirlwind of activity, they added a suite of rooms to the château and hosted a grand opening of Salon Châtelaine's esthetics wing. To their amazement, many customers came from near and far and they loved the château just as much as the sisters did. Their customers did not desert them, nor did their friends, and within two weeks their calendar was full. Former colleagues came to work with them and Andrée and her cousin Danielle stayed to do what they loved best: hairdressing. Their customers loved the friendly and warm atmosphere and told all their friends about the château. And that is how Salon Châtelaine came to have two mistresses instead of one. However, life is fluid and forever changing; and so it is at Salon Châtelaine. The original chatelaine, Andrée, retired and left the château to enjoy other parts of her life. The château had grown to include a second-floor esthetics suite, but the sisters decided to downscale until they could put their dream team together. Happily it came true in time for their 5th anniversary of owning the salon. Now they have a full family of friends as hairdressers and estheticians and a new upstairs space with private rooms and room to grow. You'll be pleasantly surprised to rediscover hairdressers from our community that are found again and you'll meet new team members that know how to treat you right. So if you loved our château ambiance in the past, you'll love it even more with all the love that's been added. There's something (and someone) for everyone at Châtelaine so please book your appointment today! Call 450-458-5403. Oh, and they all lived happily ever after! THE END :) WORK AT SALON CHÂTELAINE If you hope to one day join the château sisters in their mission to bring out the beauty in every woman, please come and see us. Becoming a family member at Salon Châtelaine is open to just the right person... so click on the Contact Us page and get in touch!

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